Blog 8

We have just met King Duncan who is the current ruler of Scotland. King Duncan is like a father figure who is kind and generous but is also strong and firm. He has 3 sons, Malcolm, Donalbain, and Lennox. Duncan seems to be a man who is smart and has quick wits and thus deserves to be king. He can make the big decision's as king and does things the right way be wanting to take prisoners and putting them trial which is the opposite of what Macbeth does but, he so also trusting which makes it easy for Macbeth to take advantage of him. It is obvious that him and Macbeth have very different views on things and I can already tell that Macbeth will kill him at some point in order to become king. King Duncan is like that one friends dad who is really nice and generous to you but you can deceive him easily because he is so trusting of people.


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