Blog 27

Act 5, scene 1
In this scene we see that Lady Macbeth isn't doing well. Her gentlewoman states that Lady Macbeth has been sleep walking since Macbeth has gone to prepare for the war. Here we start to see Lady Macbeth in a different light. I once saw her character as strong and independent but now I see that she needs her husband to help cope with all the guilt she has inside. Lady Macbeth began sleepwalking and she walked into a room where her gentlewoman and her doctor where. She began saying all of the things she and her husband have done, by her doing this I can foreshadow that possibly her and Macbeth will have to confess to everything they have done.

Blog 26

Act 4, scene 3
Here, Macduff arrives in England to speak to Malcom to seek help. Malcom wasn't sure if he could trust Macduff, this cause Macduff to put his pride aside by saying that he may not be qualified to be the best king but he would anything to help Scotland at this point. This convinced Malcom to send 10,000 soldiers to Macbeth's castle.At the end of the scene Malcolm and Macduff have a small argument of what it means to be a man. This showed me how little Malcolm has lived and how strong and secure Macduff is.

Blog 25

Act 4, scene 2
In this next scene we see that Macduff did go to England to seek help. However Macduff did not explain to his wife or son why he was leaving. This leads Lady Macduff to believe that her husband wasn't coming back. Lady Macduff then tries to explain to her son that his father was not coming back but the boy knew he was. This makes me believe that Macduff is a good man for teaching his son well. Macbeth sent murderers to kill them both in their home while they were on the look for Macduff, this shows us that now Macbeth willing to anyone to protect himself.

Blog 23

Act 4, Scene 1
In this new act we see the witches once again. This time they are planning to preform a spell on Macbeth. This time they wanted to scare him by showing him images of the things that are coming his way. The witches showed him disturbing apparitions, which shows the reader how much more powerful they are with their leader. Macbeth was so desperate to see his future that it made me understand that he would do just about anything for it. We come to see that Macbeth's future is filled with despair which made me feel like he will finally get what he deserves soon.

Blog 22

Act 3, Scene 6
During this scene we learn that Lennox and a lord both believe that Macbeth is responsible for Duncan and Banquo's death. We also learn that Macduff plans on going to England to seek help so that Scotland can be free from Macbeth's rule. This is a key to the story because we are beginning to see that people no longer believe Macbeth's lies and that they are willing to seek help from other places to escape him.

Blog 21

Act 3, Scene 5
In scene 5 we are introduced to the leader of the witches, Hecate. We discover that Hecate was disappointed in the other witches because they didn't ask Hecate if they could use their powers on Macbeth. For Hecate I feel like she is upset because if the witches hadn't have told Macbeth about his future then he wouldn't have killed Duncan. Hecate said Macbeth was a "hateful man" which is important because in the story, not only are humans noticing that Macbeth is an awful person, but witches are too.

Blog 20

Act 3, scene 4
In scene 4, during their feast, Macbeth is notified from one of the men that Banquo is dead but his son has escaped. I think the idea that his oldest friend has died and the fact that the only person that could steal his throne is still alive made him feel insane. I think this is what made Macbeth act out and feel like he was talking to Banquo's ghost.