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Act 2, scene 1-
In the beginning of act 2, Banquo tells Macbeth that the king was very happy with how the evening went. Banquo goes on to tell Macbeth that he keeps having bad dreams about the witches, Macbeth of course doesn't want to hear about it so he dismisses Banquo. Macbeth began to hallucinate about killing, and he imagines a dagger in his hand, which lead to Macbeth to actually killing the king in his sleep. By Macbeth hallucinating, the reader and make an inference that the slightest thought of killing Duncan made him go crazy. This scene also gives off a bit of irony when Banquo tells Macbeth that the king when to bed happy, even though he had no idea Macbeth was plotting to kill him the whole time.


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